The Island of SXM

St. Martin is in rare company as far as islands go. Tucked away in the eastern portion of the Caribbean, this tiny island occupies a grand total of 34 square miles. While this is not remarkable in and of itself, the fact that this itty bitty piece of vacation real estate is the territory of two distinct European nations makes it noteworthy.

St. Martin is shared by France and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Since 1648, the French have controlled of the northern parts of the island while the Dutch have the south. It’s the only place in the world where these two countries share a land border. The island’s population is ~78,000 people, with ~41,000 of them on the Dutch side and ~37,000 on the French side.

The vast majority of the island’s population makes its living through the tourism industry. Oddly enough, English is spoken throughout the island. Tourists come for the clean beaches, artisan shopping, and for unique foods.

Come to our island and have a wonderful time!

a plane lands on the island of st. martin

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