Domestic Abuse: A Serious Crime

According to an Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, under the Texas Penal Code Ann. – Section 22.01, assault is a serious crime. In many cases, however, people are not aware just how wide-ranging the prohibition on assault is. While many assault cases involve direct physical violence and harm, no actual contact needs to occur for a person to be charged with assault.

In the case of domestic assault and abuse, cases involve two or more individuals living in the same household. This might occur between spouses, lovers, a parent and child, roommates, etc. The physical harm may be sexual, emotional, or otherwise, though even the threat of injury (assault) can lead to criminal charges.

Every year, close to 10 million cases of domestic violence are reported in the U.S. Domestic abuse is often hard to prove, as one partner’s oversensitivity may be the only real issue. But where this crime is really committed, then the victim is not the only receiver of abusive acts, but the other members of the household too, especially the children, whose mentality and emotions will be affected by every act of abuse they will hear and see.

Domestic abuse includes forced sexual acts, emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse and psychological abuse. All these acts are actually aimed at gaining control and power over the perpetrator’s victim.

Some of the specific types of domestic violence include:

– Emotional abuse, which is aimed at weakening a victim’s self-esteem through total indifference to his or her abilities or through continuous name-calling and criticism;

– Sexual abuses is forced sexual act or humiliating sexual treatment. Sometimes this form of abuse involves inflicting injuries to the abused victim’s private parts; and,

– Physical abuse, which may include slapping, hair-pulling, punching, forcing the other to use illegal drugs or alcohol, and so forth.

While victims of domestic abuse end up becoming withdrawn, problematic, uncertain and mostly embarrassed of his or her actions, children in homes where domestic abuses take place also become afraid, stressed, ashamed, confused and guilty due to their failure to protect and defend the abused victim (if the victim happens to be one of their parents). It will not be long too before these children start to develop problems in school and in their various relationships with everyone around them.

Domestic abuse lawyers, as explained by the law firm Alexander & Associates, understand that almost all couples will occasionally have an argument or disagreement that can sometimes become extremely heated, leading both parties to say or do things that they regret later. Unfortunately, many of these types of situations may eventually result in an accusation of domestic abuse against one of the individuals involved. Fighting such a charge can often be difficult for the accused.

Allegations of domestic abuse are treated with utmost seriousness and will most likely result in formal charges, even if the alleged victim does not press charges. For the accused, better for him or her to immediately begin taking action to defend his or her rights, as well as to protect his or her future in the legal battle that is likely to follow the formal charges.